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The Summits of my Snowboarding November 2020

After a year of hard work and editing with publishing house “Vakon” I am super excited to present to you my new book “The Summits of my Snowboarding” (In Bulgarian). Inside I have gathered short stories and travelogues from my snowboarding adventures around the world including the successful expedition on Mt. Manaslu, but I also believe I have left a big part of myself there. I will be happy to take you in my white winter universe full of dreams, challenges, high mountains, daring snowboard descents, powerful emotions and boundless freedom.

Order now online from “Vakon” (in Bulgarian):


You can find short parts from different stories of the book in section “The Book”


Elisabeth Revol: Professional Mountaineer and Author of the Book “To Live: Fighting for life on the killer mountain”:

“Vladimir and his passion for snowboarding were one of my most beautiful discoveries on my way to the summit of Manaslu in 2019. Snowboarding and the mountains are his life.

Vladimir’s words hold such a power that they convey fully the sparkle in his eyes, the idea of freedom, adventure, preparation, emotions and the triumph over the obstacles in the name of a purposeful, majestic snowboard descent; at the same time, they convey a deep respect and humility before the elements of nature.”


Alexandra Jekova, Professional Snowboard Cross Athlete:

“Through these inspiring stories from the high mountains we get the chance to acquaint ourselves with Vladimir’s experience and his life philosophy, to relive his exciting journeys and breath-taking snowboard adventures. Captivating stories about the human spirit, about the courage to pursue and fulfill your dreams, about the meaning of life, life’s values and our amazing nature.”


Prof. Boyan Biolchev, former Rector of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski:

“I have before my eyes Vladimir Pavlov’s book, The Summits of My Snowboarding. And I say that because even after having read it, it is still visible for me. My first impression was of a collection of travel notes painted with the full palette of the genre. And it is just that, a detailed autobiography of a purposeful young man. The story of a man whose goals in life and the hardships along the way are in a constant conflict all the way to the summit where they finally come together in peace. And then the other, true biographical summit follows, the euphoria during and after snowboarding. And this euphoria is no longer a way, it is a flight to freedom.

We are introduced to a child’s dream that has come true. But this is not the story of a man who has kept his childhood’s dream, it is a psalm of the child within, with his impulsive reactions, with the eager teasing of common sense, taking risks with the energy of a winner. And all these are alive, colorful, in the satisfaction that the grown-up man experiences.

In this book the reader can find a hymn to friendship, to self-sacrifice and the tolerance for the unexpected weakness of the man by one’s side who would respond in the same way in one’s stead. An apology of mountaineering, of the great wisdom of the roof of the world that allows only the worthiest to enter.

Read Vladimir’s The Summits of My Snowboarding . It appealed not only to the writer within me but also to the former alpine skier.”

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