A snowboard project by Vladimir Pavlov

VLADIMIR PAVLOV Extreme Snowboarder and Adventurer

With more than 25 years of experience in mountaineering and extreme snowboarding, Vladimir is one of the pioneers in the sport in Bulgaria. Snowboarding in the Bulgarian ranges, Alps, Caucasus, Alborz, Pamir and the Himalayas, he has always looked and dreamed up to the high peaks and to ever greater challenges. Now, with his Snowboard Project8000 it is time for one of the highest mountains on our planet...


    snowboard/ski from 8000+m peak
    from Manaslu summit 8163m to 6200m uninterruptedly pioneering a first descent line below Camp 4 at 7450m

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The Book

After a year of hard work and editing with publishing house “Vakon” I am super excited to present you my new book “My snowboarding summits” (In Bulgarian). Inside I have gathered short stories and travelogues from my snowboarding adventures around the world including the successful expedition on Mt. Manaslu, but I also believe I have left a big part of myself in there. I will be happy to take you in my white winter universe full of dreams, challenges, high mountains, daring snowboard descents, powerful emotions and boundless freedom.

You can find short parts from different stories of the book in section “The Book”.


A Snowboard Project

The main goal of this project is to become the first Bulgarian to snowboard/ski from one of the fourteen 8000+m. summits!

Manaslu – 8163m is the 8th highest summit of the world and is located in the Nepalese part of the Himalayas.

Shishapangma – 8027m is the 14th highest peak of the world, and is located almost due north of Kathmandu entirely on the Tibetan side of the Himalayas.

Both summits require proficient level of mountaineering skills, stamina and most of all they present a daring snowboard challenge, especially when the expedition is planned without the use of supplemental oxygen!


Adventure Journals, Articles, Writings...

Vladimir writes and describes his snowboarding adventures in short stories and travelogues which are published in well respected medias and magazines, and recently in a book.

Here you can find some good reads, inspiration, photos and plenty of information about his previous adventures, including Vladimir’s expeditions and snowboard descents from Mt. Manaslu 8163m in Nepal, Peak Lenin – 7134m in Kyrgyzstan,  Mount Damavand – 5671m in Iran, Mont Blanc 4810m and many more…


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