A snowboard project by Vladimir Pavlov

VP snowboards


This is my own custom brand dedicated to designing and manufacturing superior quality snowboards in limited editions. The unique board shape and character is inspired by the true love we all share for mountains, deep powder and freeriding but it is also made to withstand and perform in the most extreme conditions of the highest summits on Earth. We intend to strap our feet on a deck that has soul and will give you a whole new perspective of snowboarding.

VP Black Signature 164cm model

This is a dedicated Freeride – All mountain snowboard that will ride with precision and power everything from groomers and icy sections to any backcountry terrain and waist-deep powder. It has tip to tail wood core with a mild camber profile backed up with X-pattern carbon stringer all ensuring superb stability and great responsiveness so you will be able to hit those chutes and steep lines with supersonic speed and maximum confidence. The 12mm tapered shape, combined with longer tip and the specially designed set-back stance position will give you the unmatched floaty-surfy feeling on those big days without the common rear leg burning. No matter if you shred Alaska, La Grave or the high Himalayas this weapon will bring the maximum of your body, skills and imagination.

It is a custom snowboard and it has been pressed with superior quality materials originating exclusively from Europe including specially selected wood planks, 7200 sintered base, the lightest and strongest fiberglass, carbon fibers and resins, even the paint has been mixed and delivered from masters in Switzerland.


As for the graphics – no skulls, no naked women, no marijuana leaves. The design of the board is classic, yet stylish and eye-catching. It perfectly follows and emphasizes on the directional shape of the deck and brings joy to all pure mountain lovers. Once you put your feet over it, you will notice how much attention has been paid to even the smallest details.

Shape, materials, workmanship and design act all together to deliver the most of freeride snowboarding – live it!

Measurements, construction and sizing:

The Black Signature is a one design – one size model. It comes in only 164cm length which combined with its other characteristics makes it a perfect choice for the experienced to expert rider dreaming of precise turns and white rooms.

Total length: 1640mm
Running length: 1240mm
Effective edge: 1280mm
Average sidecut radius: 8200mm
Camber profile: 8mm
Waist width: 2540mm
Nose width/length/height: 314mm/220mm/65mm
Tail width/length/height: 302mm/180mm/35mm
Stance width/setback: 604mm/40mm
Inserts Nose/Tail: 6X2 / 6X2
Rider’s weight: 65kg – 100kg

Tip to tail poplar woodcore
Unidirectional carbon stringers
Sintered base IS 7200
UV stable top sheet
Multiaxial fiberglass
CNC machined core
Silkscreen printing
Mild camber profile
Directional sidecut
Tapered shape
ABS sidewalls