A snowboard project by Vladimir Pavlov

Vladimir Pavlov Extreme Snowboarder and Adventurer from Bulgaria

With more than 25 years of experience in mountaineering and extreme snowboarding, Vladimir is one of the pioneers in the sport in Bulgaria. Snowboarding in the local ranges, Alps, Caucasus, Alborz, Pamir and the Himalayas, he has always looked and dreamed up to the high peaks and to ever greater challenges. Amongst many of his winter adventures and accomplishments, Vladimir has snowboarded Mont Blanc 4810m, he also has a winter ascent and descent of the highest peak of the Middle East located in Iran – Mt. Damavand (5671m). In July 2017, starting from the summit, he snowboarded the North face of Peak Lenin 7134m. in Pamir, Kyrgyzstan and on September 26th 2019 he became the first Bulgarian to snowboard (or ski) from an eight-thousander, making a historic descent from top of Manaslu 8163m to above Base Camp at 5000 m without using oxygen for the ride.


Now it is time for the highest mountains on our planet!

In Bulgaria Vladimir has a strong reputation and popularity not only among the snowboarding and mountain societies but also across all physically active people. He writes and describes his snowboarding adventures in short stories and journals which are published in well respected medias and in 2020 in his book “The summits of my snowboarding” (in BG).  Every year he is also part of national and international forums, conferences and film festivals where he delivers various live presentations, motivational speeches and photo stories. Vladimir graduated with bachelor’s degree in History of culture and Ethnology and with master’s degree in Sport Psychology.

Meanwhile in 2013 Vladimir established his own snowboarding brand – VP snowboards which he uses for all of his daring descents.

Vladimir is also an avid kitesurfer and lover of the active life in the wild.