A snowboard project by Vladimir Pavlov

The Project is successful!

Thanks to the overall support and trust, as well as the funds raised by all of you and my sponsors, on September 26, 2019 at 6:10 am, Nepalese time I reached the very top of the eighth highest mountain in the world Manaslu 8163m. Then I strapped into my bindings and made probably the most significant snowboard descent in my life from the summit to about 5000m of altitude just above base camp with a few rappels and crossings between camps 2 and 1 (from 6200m to 5900m). The entire descent is done without the use of supplemental oxygen. We can now pride ourselves on the first Bulgarian snowboard descent from an eight-thousander and on the first ever snowboard descent on Manaslu between camps 4 and 3 where I pioneered a totally new line.


The Goal

of this project is to become the first Bulgarian to snowboard/ski from an eight-thousander and the first person in the world to snowboard from the very top of Manaslu or Shishapangma.


The Summits

Manaslu – 8163m is the 8th highest summit of the world and is located in the Nepalese part of the Himalayas.

Shishapangma – 8027m is the 14th highest peak of the world, and is located almost due north of Kathmandu entirely on the Tibetan side of the Himalayas.

Both summits require proficient level of mountaineering skills, stamina and most of all present a daring snowboard challenge.

The Plan

If  the conditions allow, the plan is to climb without supplemental oxygen to the very top of one of the summits Manaslu or Shishapangma and make a snowboarding descent in proximity to the standard climbing route of the mountain down to the altitude of about 6000m . Starting from the highest point the total vertical meters to overcome will be approximately 2000m which will be snowboarded on high altitude extreme terrain.

Manaslu route:


Schedule and Timing

Dates are fixed according to the main climbing window of the autumn season which takes place from the beginning of September until mid October. The usual program takes approximately 35-45 days to complete successfully the expedition but if the weather is right and the participants are in good shape it can take less. Extra time is added for better acclimatization and more attempts for the summit.

Shishapangma route:

Sponsoring and Supporting

Sponsoring and Supporting

Climbing eight-thousanders is an expensive activity but snowboarding them requires even additional permits and costs.

Vladimir is constantly looking for funding for his expeditions which will be covering basics such as: permits, transportation, accommodation, porters, local guides, rental of special equipment, high altitude camps, food, insurance and medical costs, etc. (detailed information available upon request).

Interested in sponsoring Project8000? Please contact Vladimir directly for more information and packages.

Thank You!